Sunday, August 29, 2010

Think code gets new personality

Chinese computer builder Lenovo has a new comparison manager in assign of the Think code and a new ad debate teed up to foster the product line.

Peter Hortensius, 49, was declared comparison clamp boss in assign of the Think product organisation this month. The Think code includes the flagship ThinkPad cover PCs and alternative products directed at the commercial operation market: ThinkCentre and ThinkStation desktops, ThinkVision monitors and ThinkServer servers.

"Our [business-oriented] products typically have the name Think in front of thema shameless pull-off of the ThinkPad brand," pronounced Hortensius, who formerly led the ThinkPad commercial operation at the computer maker. "ThinkPad is patently the majority important code that Lenovo hasarguably the majority important code in the computer industry."

Other association brands embody Idea and Lenovo. Lenovo acquired the ThinkPad code when it paid for IBMs Personal Computer commercial operation in 2005.

More than 1,000 workers worldwide right away inform to Hortensius. He succeeds Frances O"Sullivan, 51, who retired.

Like O"Sullivan, Hortensius is formed in Morrisville, where the association employs some-more than 1,500 people.

The thesis of the new ad debate is "Theres some-more meditative in a ThinkPad"or, where appropriate, a ThinkCentre or a ThinkStation. The ads will proceed looming subsequent month in traffic publications and record Web sites such as CNet, and

The ads, that concentration on facilities such as interpretation security and thinness, are purposely elementary so that they can be simply blending to markets around the globe, Hortensius said.

"You can do promotion novel that is really difficult ... but of march it can bevery unwieldy if you have to have changes," he said. "This allows the group to be really stretchable and fast."

Lenovo is counting on Hortensius to assistance it catch up with incomparable rivals Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Lenovo doesnt mangle out sales of the Think lineup, but the worldwide Personal Computer shipments jumped 42 percent in the fourth quarter, some-more than any alternative vital manufacturer, according to investigate organisation IDC.

"I can positively discuss it you that the Think brand, and the ThinkPad in particular, is a really clever and strong piece of the Lenovo [profit and loss]," Hortensius said. "And ... I"m told to have certain that I keep it that way."

Still, Lenovos expanding marketplace share is being fueled by flourishing sales in China and alternative rising countries. Sales in the U.S. marketplace have suffered since the companys strength is offered to large corporations, that reined in Personal Computer purchases during the recession.

In the fourth quarter, Lenovos Personal Computer shipments to the U.S. marketplace rose fifteen percent, according to IDC, but the marketplace share dipped somewhat since altogether shipments rose even higher24 percent.

To opposite that, Lenovo not long ago changed to precedence the recognition of the ThinkPad code with the new ThinkPad Edge lineup of laptops, that is directed to interest to small and midsized businesses and even consumers. The Edge line is labelled reduce than alternative ThinkPads, that traditionally have been premium-priced, and additionally has multimedia facilities to enlarge the appeal.

The initial Edge, with a 13-inch screen, debuted in January. New models with 14-inch and 15-inch screens were introduced this week. And alternative ThinkPad products that aim a wider assembly are in the works, Hortensius said.

"Its a big event for us," he said.

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