Sunday, October 3, 2010

Are We Selfish Individuals or an Empathic Society? The Answer Could Determine Whether We Have a Future Vision

Mar 27, 2010 & & & Vision headlines around email. & & Start a Petition » change_setup("300", "Featured", "all", "#DCB000", 6); Editors Note: AlterNet has launched the new Vision territory this week, to assistance fastener with the rare hurdles of the time. Every day, we"ll have a new prophesy essay on the front page -- Subscribe to the weekly Vision newsletter to stay on tip of the coverage.The following is an blending mention from Jeremy Rifkins new book, "The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis" (Tarcher/Penguin; Jan 2010).Two fantastic failures, distant by usually eighteen months, noted the finish of the complicated era. In Jul 2008, the cost of oil on universe markets appearance at $147/ barrel, acceleration soared, the cost of all from food to gasoline skyrocketed, and the tellurian mercantile engine close off. Growing direct in the grown nations, as well as in China, India, and alternative rising economies, for abating hoary fuels precipitated the crisis. Purchasing energy plummeted and the tellurian economy collapsed. That was the trembler that tore apart the industrial age built on and propelled by hoary fuels. The disaster of the monetary markets dual months after was merely the aftershock. The hoary fuel energies that have up the industrial approach of hold up are sunsetting and the industrial infrastructure is right away on hold up support.In Dec 2009, universe leaders from 192 countries fabricated in Copenhagen to residence the subject of how to hoop the amassed entropy check of the hoary fuel formed industrial revolution-the outlayed C0₂ that is heating up the universe and careening the earth in to a inauspicious change in climate. After years of preparation, the negotiations pennyless down and universe leaders were incompetent to reach a grave accord.Neither the worlds domestic or commercial operation leaders expected the mercantile disturbance of Jul 2008, nor were they means to cobble together a enough plan for mercantile liberation in the months since. They were similarly unhandy at addressing the issue of meridian change, notwithstanding the actuality that the systematic village warns that is poses the biggest hazard to the class in the history, that we are using out of time, and that we might even be confronting the awaiting of the own extinction.The complaint runs deeper than the issue of anticipating new ways to umpire the marketplace or commanding legally contracting tellurian immature residence gas glimmer rebate targets. The genuine predicament lies in the set of assumptions about human inlet that governs the function of universe leaders -- assumptions that were spawned during the Enlightenment some-more than 200 years ago at the presentation of the complicated marketplace economy and the presentation of the republic state era.The Enlightenment thinkers -- John Locke, Adam Smith, Marquis de Condorcet et. al. -- took displeasure with the Medieval Christian universe perspective that saw human inlet as depressed and outrageous and that looked to shelter in the subsequent universe by Gods grace. They elite to expel their lot with the thought that human beings" necessary inlet is rational, detached, autonomous, desirous and practical and argued that particular shelter lies in total element swell here on Earth.123456; &

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